household chores for pleasure
Have you taken out the garbage? Mopped the floor? Made the bed?
Get your well-deserved award!
Duty Awards Cube
  • Do you spend much time
    on your household chores?
  • Do you do your utmost, but
    there is no one to thank you?
  • Don’t you feel any joy
    of doing your chores?
  • Do you postpone until later
    even the simplest housework?

We know how to help you!


Sparing just some minutes a day, you will be able to:

  • heart circle
    Enjoy the most boring household chores
  • cleaning circle
    Live clean and spend the minimum amount of time on keeping order
  • cube circle
    Get a reward for every responsibility you carried out
  • static circle
    Archive greater results. Faster! Cleaner! With high-quality!
  • like circle
    Share your achievements on social networks
  • medal circle
    Compete with the other users of Duty-Awards.com

Duty Awards

is a promotion service that can radically change your household chores attitude
Would you like household chores to bring you joy? Our award-winning service is going to motivate you to new achievements in the sphere of domestic affairs.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Choose a chore you want to do
  • 2
    Complete your task trying to achieve a good result
  • 3
    As you complete your chores, mark them through Duty-Awards.com
  • 4
    Watch how the level of your skill grows
  • 5
    Get a reward for every victory over life
  • 6
    Enjoy the order, without wasting time on maintaining it


  • How are points awarded?
    Each household chore specified in the system is divided into several tasks. As you complete one task, you get one point.
  • What kind of household chores can I get awards for?
    There are twelve household chores at the moment, such as: clean the bath, do the washing-up, do the ironing, sort out the things in your wardrobe, etc.
  • What kind of an award can I get?
    Users get virtual cups for doing household chores. You can order them through our service. We will produce a registered cup for you and send it to the specified address.
  • How can I compete with other participants?
    All the actions in the Duty-Awards.com system, which you mark as completed, get into the overall statistics. You will be able to choose rivals there and compete with them in achieving results.
  • Who decides whether the chore is completed or not?
    The decision that a particular task can be considered completed is taken by the user himself. We are not afraid of unfair competition. Fair competition is primarily beneficial to the participants of the Duty-Awards.com
You are just a footstep away from getting your first award!

Duty Awards is

  • 2
    Minutes a day to work with service
  • 5
    Days to get your first promotion
  • 12
    Household chores
  • 84
    Exclusive awards
  • 1000
    and more users all over the world

Are you ready to turn your household chores into pleasure?

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